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Bag Kaku Wooden Briefcase
Beautiful wooden briefcase designed by Japanese Designer Takumi Shimamura. A real work of art that will no doubt get compliments on the way to the office.
Portable dog house by Marco Morosini
Let your dog travel in style with this chic porcelain suitcase dog house with platinum details.
PeaceKeeper 400
In an age when it is difficult to avoid terror, take charge of the streets and look fashionable.
Not yet available
PinkWolf luggage
Luggage moulded with a gun, an axe, or a knife, designed by PinkWolf.
iWood - iPhone cover in wood
Carved from a single piece of the finest woods, with your monogram, logo or personal message engraved.
ChocoCase for iPhone
This iPhone cover features a chocolate style silicone case with a screen protector.
Practical bag made from 393 keys from computer keyboards.
9-5 Laptop Sleeve
A laptop sleeve that you can bring with you to corporate America.
Faux croc laptop sleeve
So chic, and it protects your laptop!
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