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Hoodie Footie
Unisex style matching family pyjamas with feet unisex style and feature a full front zipper opening.
Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt
Wearable ROCK! This shirt features a touch-sensitive guitar fret you can really play.
Tokyo Time Evolution Barcode wristwatch
For an LED watch that looks like no other, featuring large, easy to see LEDs and a solid stainless steel strap.
Inner Message ring by Jungyun Yoon
Inner Message is ring with engravings on the inside leaving an impression on the wearer's finger.
Metal Detecting Sandals
Sandals that can detect metal while you walk, allowing you to find buried artefacts while strolling the beach.
Bacon and Eggs Scarf
Now you, too, can not only eat your bacon and eggs, but you can wear them, and make a fashion statement all your own!
Kitty Wigs
Each Kitty Wig comes in an attractive round metal wig case, packed on a wig form and covered in a hair net to help keep its shape and luster.
From £65
Obama sneakers for women
From a large selection of Obama designs or you can customise your own.
Boombox Watch
Push button digital watch from Flud Watches
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