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Russian Roulette Water Balloon
Don't play Russian Roulette with a real gun! Someone may get hurt. Instead, play it with a balloon.
USB Rocket Launcher
Cubicle warfare just got an upgrade, now with twice the range!
Fly-Goodbye Bug Vacuum Gun
Suck them bugs! Six legged freak has landed on your sandwich for the last time...
2 in 1 laser pointer and machine gun lighter
Refillable butane lighter and laser pointer that looks just like a machine gun.
From $24.95
Pistol guitar jack lead
Showcase your style and elevate your sound.
The Unnatural Selector - Dr Grordbort's Ray-Blunderbuss
From Weta Collectibles, this 'steampunk' inspired design is strictly limited to an edition size of 50 worldwide.
Kalashnikov Vodka
Russian vodka in an AK-47 submachine gun bottle presented in a wooden army crate.
Three Guns Flower Vase
Flower power comes to your coffee table!
Chocolate Ammo
Real chocolate bullets in a real mini ammo can. Go on, bite the bullet.
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