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Plug Mug
Mug envy is where you covet your own mug to an unreasonable degree. If you suffer from mug envy, this is the perfect solution.
Bengt Ek kitchen scale/clock
Retro designed, beautiful and smart kitchen scales in aluminium. When not in use turn it around and you have a table clock on the back.
The Ex - Voodoo Knife Set
Have you been looking for a new knife block for your kitchen? The Voodoo Knife Set is fun, functional and stylish.
Radiator Mug
Stephen Reed's heat sink inspired mug lets you cup your mug without getting burnt. All wrapped up in an impeccably proportioned and elegant design.
Rock Handle Mug
This unique mug will keep you firmly grounded with its unusual choice of handle. Smooth grey stone is a lovely contrast to the delicate white ceramic mug. Made in Japan.
Snack-n-Stack cutlery
LEGO style fork, knife and spoon with soft and comfortable silicon handles.
Terrorist Teapot
Teapot with a difference, balaclavad-up hood, complete with tight-fitting mask and fiendish squinting eyes.
Space Invaders cutting board
It's time to decorate in video-gaming style. This cutting board is handmade in walnut and hard-maple.
AK-47 Bullet Ice Cubes
Freshen up that killer drink with a round from the Bullet Ice Tray. Perfect gift for the perfect crime.
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