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Dream Cat Venus robot cat
Dream Cat Venus uses the latest in sensor and robotic technology to create a truly interactive pet. Watch the video and see for yourself.
Hoodie Footie
Unisex style matching family pyjamas with feet unisex style and feature a full front zipper opening.
Fish condo by Teddy Luong
Modern dwelling for fish. The 'house within a house' aquarium is a glass fishbowl with a white ABS shell. Fishbowls can be stacked for a condo-like appearance.
Russian Roulette Water Balloon
Don't play Russian Roulette with a real gun! Someone may get hurt. Instead, play it with a balloon.
World's tallest roses (with vase)
These spectacular roses measure 5-6 feet in height. Grown organically on an Ecuadorian farm nestled between two volcanoes at more than 9,600 feet.
Bigfoot Garden Yeti Sculpture
With alleged Bigfoot sightings the world over, this mythical legend has been captured in a quality designer resin statue and hand-painted for startling realism.
Simple rechargeable battery that uses the ubiquitous USB port on your computer.
Stylophone Beatbox
The original Stylophone has now received a serious makeover with its hipper, grimier cousin, the Stylophone Beatbox. Watch the video.
USB Rocket Launcher
Cubicle warfare just got an upgrade, now with twice the range!
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